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Manage your products in the cloud

Forget about inefficient spreadsheets

With the push of a button, you can upload the information that you have in whatever format you have. Sales Layer adjusts intelligently like never seen before and builds a custom database just for you. The entire process takes minutes and then the magic starts:

  • Your images can get professionally retouched automatically.
  • Your descriptions can get professionally translated to 36 of the most popular languages including Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Arabic etc. even Tagalog.
  • You can automatically reorganize your entire catalog and add tags, categories, channels...

“With Sales Layer we can focus just on the quality of the product information. It is an indispensable tool for how we manage our South African ecommerce site”

Bruce Joubert -

Expand your reach and visibility in one push

Put the right information in front of the right client

Today’s sophisticated consumer will see product information in a variety of places from brick and mortar retail stores to paper catalogs at home or an app on their mobile device. Regardless of the complexity and channel strategy that you utilize we make it easy to organize, synchronize and distribute this information. Update once, publish everywhere.

Sales Layer empowers you to expand your reach and visibility, ultimately improving your product’s performance.

“Sales Layer is essential to our multichannel strategy in the US -- we can provide accurate product information to our customers wherever they are”

Santiago Manent -

Your brand relies on quality and consistency

Your product information catalog should do the same

Your customer spends a lot of time interacting with your sites and other sites before making a purchase. Using Sales Layer you can ensure that you deliver the best pre-purchase experience by providing pixel perfect images that show the qualities of your product, displaying descriptions that match the persona of your buyer and offering all the specifications that solve of their concerns.

Our dashboard gives you metrics that allow you to improve the quality and consistency of all the product information across your catalog. Your team can see in real time your catalog completeness. Missing images, pending translations, uncategorized products or unfinished descriptions; everything that is important to your marketing, operations and even executive teams.

For us, our brand is important. With Sales Layer we work collaboratively to make sure that our products are displayed the way that reflects the values of our company.”

Diana De Lange -